Over These Years.

Later this month, I will debate and vote to approve my fifth Prince George's County Public Schools Operating Budget.

Over these years, my focus has always been on advancing a platform that advocates for students, enriches our communities, and respects those who answer the call to educate our society's future.

Together, over these years, we rewrote our county's understanding about educational equity through Board Policy 0101 to close generational achievement gaps for students with special needs, limited English proficiency, and/or living in poverty.

Together, over these years, we established a six-pillar framework for forty-five Community Schools, bringing a holistic approach to wraparound services for our students and school communities.

Together, over these years, we united to restore lost wages for our educators and support staff members who remained committed to our school system, even when it was more advantageous for them to leave.

Together, over these years, we developed innovative strategies to engage our stakeholders, including our school system's alumni and parent leadership groups.

And as I head into this year's budget season and seek another term on the Board of Education, I am reminded of these and countless other successes while also continuing to advocate for a platform of progression - not just for #pgcpsDistrict7, but for our entire county!

This includes passing a Universal Meals Program that removes, both, the financial management burden from our elementary students and the shame they encounter when they cannot pay for a hot meal.

This includes becoming one of the first school systems serving a majority of students of color to have a competitive eSports program that will open up abundant opportunities for partnerships and scholarships.

This includes improving our transportation services, both for our students and families who cannot always rely on our buses and our employees who are, often times, working in outdated facilities.

And, yes, this includes finally breaking ground on a new Suitland High School and Drew Freeman Middle School, after decades of advocacy from civic and elected leaders.

Friends, every day, I am thankful to be a member of this county's Board of Education, representing, both, the communities that raised me and the schools that educated me.

We have accomplished so much in five years...I look forward to the journey that lays ahead of us, together!

Yours, in service,

K. Alexander Wallace

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