Board Member Wallace wins election to serve full term on the Board of Education!

In the winter of 2015, I filed my candidacy to run to represent District 7 on the Prince George’s County Board of Education. I was the first candidate to do so and I did it well before I was appointed to serve on the Board of Education. My mind was made up. My intentions were clear. Together, we were going to fight for A Better Tomorrow, Today, and every day forward! Ever since that windy day in February 2015, I have made it my mission to work on behalf of the students, families, educators, and communities of District 7 - from District Heights and Westphalia to Suitland and Camp Springs. This election, our team worked our hearts out to make sure voters knew the record, experience, and platform this campaign was rooted in. Make no mistake about it, our top initiatives like school infrastructure, student empowerment and services, alumni engagement, and refined Career and Technical Education programs were all on the ballot. For nine long days, nearly 33,000 voters throughout District 7 casted their votes and made their voices heard - that they are with us! Our campaign earned nearly 61% of the votes casted and won the majority of votes during both Early Voting and on Election Day! Despite this victory, we must recognize that we did not earn all of the votes casted. My opponent and his supporters are still constituents of District 7 and they must and will receive the acknowledgement of their votes and voices, as well as the services and advocacy they desire from their Board of Education representative. Friends, I will be honest. This race was a hard one, but we did it! Our campaign, through the negative, disrespectful, offensive, unbecoming, and outright false comments received, pushed forward, subscribing to First Lady Michelle Obama’s mantra that “when they go low, we go high”! I am forever thankful for the warm wishes, kind words, and support that many of you have already sent my way. Together, we were victorious in our mission and, because of that, our work on behalf of the students, families, educators, and communities of District 7 continues on! Wishing you well, K. Alexander Wallace Board Member, District 7

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020