Board Member K. Alexander Wallace (District 7) moves to strengthen student protections from mental a

Earlier this week, the Prince George’s County Board of Education met for a Special Summer Session to discuss and vote on four Board Policies that aim to strengthen student safety and guidelines on volunteer background checks.

This past school year, unfortunately, there were a few incidents that occurred between our students and our educators and volunteers, including an incident in District 7 at Forestville High School.

These heinous acts of abuse and power have no place in our schools or in our communities.

During the meeting, as the Board discussed proposed Board Policy 0127, I offered three amendments, in an omnibus motion, to include mental/psychological abuse. The original proposed policy only mentioned protections from physical and sexual abuse.

My amendments were debated for nearly 10 minutes and, after being refined by our legal counsel, unanimously passed 10-0!

Board Policy 0127 now protects our students from not just physical and sexual abuse, but also mental injury, as well.

To watch the debate, click here.

This is another accomplishment for our county’s students. We must acknowledge that mental abuse is just as damaging as any other form of abuse. I graciously thank my colleagues who were in attendance for voting in favor of my omnibus motion to strengthen Board Policy 0127.

~ K. Alexander Wallace

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020