I'm Running for Board of Education.

I am proud to announce that I have filed as a candidate for the Prince George's County Board of Education - District 7!

Here in Prince George's County, we have a perception issue when it comes to our public schools. Many of our residents opt out of our school system off of rumors and hearsay and cast a negative light on the many successes that we have accomplished. That perspective is about to change!

Over the past year, our schools have increased high school graduation and promotional rates twice as fast as the state average. Our dropout rates have steadily improved and our enrollment has picked up after nearly a decade of decline.

But with success comes setbacks and areas where our school system needs improvement. Our county needs to work harder to enhance the connections between our communities and schools. Parental involvement in their children's education has to increase. Our teachers need to be paid comparably to their fellow educators in neighboring counties. Our students need to feel a sense of pride in their schools so that they are excited to learn and be active in school. Our facilities and buildings need to be brought up to a 21st century standard.

Under Dr. Maxwell's leadership, our school system has its sights set on being a Top Ten school system by 2020. I am proud of the work that he and his team are doing and I support him fully.

While I support Dr. Maxwell’s plan, I also support the voices of those who wake up everyday with dreams and goals of being better than what their environment and society wants them to be. I support the teachers who work 10-12 hour days and who use their own paycheck to make sure their students do not go hungry or have school supplies. I support the maintenance workers and cafeteria staff who come to our schools early to make sure day-to-day services are provided. I support the administrators who make tough decisions like sometimes having to decide whether to have a Reading Specialist, an Art Teacher, or a Guidance Counselor for their school.

I'm running for the Prince George's County Board of Education - District 7 as a proud alumnus of one of District 7's high schools, Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School.

I'm running for the Prince George's County Board of Education - District 7 as an advocate who has nearly a decade worth of experience in fighting for educational prosperity.

I'm running for the Prince George's County Board of Education - District 7 because it's time to open up doors of opportunity that have been locked for far too long for many of our students.

Those who know me well know that dedication to education is something I have always been committed to. With your support over the next year, I am positive that change will come for the students, families, communities, and educators of District 7!

Thank you and let's start building A Better Tomorrow, Today!

~ K. Alexander Wallace

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