Freddie Gray.

For the past two weeks, the state that I love dearly has been in the media spotlight over the wrongful killing of Mr. Freddie Gray. I never knew Freddie personally, but sometimes you do not have to know a person to know the struggles they live. He, like countless others in the City of Baltimore and all throughout this state and nation, felt unseen, unheard, and unvalued by society.

My heart hurts for my fellow Marylanders like Freddie, who have become outcasted shadows from today's society. In his neighborhood, poverty and crime is high and morale and hope is low. That is a recipe for disaster and, on Monday, disaster struck! Today, State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby took a huge leap towards Justice by charging the individuals involved in the wrongful and shameful death of Mr. Gray. I trust in her dedication, passion, and unwavering leadership in what will certainly be a historical moment in this nation's history. A much needed shockwave was sent across America, if not the world, today by Ms. Mosby's decision and that is: Just because you are paid to enforce the law, does not mean that you are above it. Now is the time for police accountability and the restoration of trust and respect between the people who took an oath to protect and serve and the citizens who pay their salaries. You and I both know that not all police officers are out to cause terror in the communities they serve. Not all police officers wake up every day with prejudice in their hearts and minds. In every profession and every culture, there are bad apples that spoil the whole bunch. Now is the time for us to put in place policies and procedures that weed out those bad apples so that Marylanders, no matter their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or even their zip code, can feel what Freddie Gray wanted to feel: to be be be valued by society! Thank you and may God Bless the people of the City of Baltimore. ~ K. Alexander Wallace

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020