My 2015 Fight!

To be a servant leader and dedicated advocate, you have to fight for what you truly believe in and for me that is: equality for all, respect for all, and opportunity for all.

This nation of ours has never been perfect, nor will it ever be perfect, but our shared goal should always be to become a more perfect nation!

A nation where a woman can make her own healthcare choices and not face social rejection.

A nation where a student is given a quality education that is not based off their zip code.

A nation where we stop judging and start embracing our fellow citizens no matter who they love.

A nation where our workers are paid and treated with dignity and respect, not as replaceable pawns.

We have come so far as Americans, but we have further to go. So in 2015, I ask you to join me and other fellow Democrats as we fight for A Better Tomorrow, Today!

~ K. Alexander Wallace

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020