Black Friday.

In the coming year and forever more, every Friday will be Black Friday for me. No, I will not be standing outside of a large corporation for hours to save money every Friday. Instead, I will be spending my hard earned money at Black-owned businesses every Friday!

The African American community, despite what is usually reported, has several thriving businesses that range from restaurants to boutiques and much more in between.

I have heard numerous outcries of boycotting large corporations; I do not agree with that cause or movement. Many of the same large corporations that are being boycotted employ and benefit many African Americans, both young and old. I will not stop supporting those corporations; I will simply choose to spend my hard earned money to support this Black Friday initiative.

If you are an owner of a Black-owned business, or know of any Black-owned businesses, please contact me directly so that I can show my support, physically and financially.

Once again, I will continue to do all I can in my power to enhance and advance my community in any capacity. I encourage you to do the same. That is the only way we can start to build A Better Tomorrow, Today!

Thank you,

~ K. Alexander Wallace

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020