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If you have passion for something, do not put it off or let others detour you; it's yours to claim! Do not let others give birth to your baby! Now is the time for you to turn your dreams into determination, your thoughts into triumphs, you...r aspirations into accomplishments, your goals into gifts! Too often we look to others for a spark of motivation when all it takes is a collection of pride, passion, and purpose. Be your own spark! It is easy to sit idly by and be mediocre. But where is the fun in plateauing your life? Build a better you, day after day! It's for these reason that I am running for the 25th District Democratic Central Committee. It's about making each day better than before for myself, my district, my county, and Maryland, my Maryland! - It's about making our communities vibrant for our youth, teens, and elderly. - It's about promoting diversity in our public safety so that our neighbors can directly relate and respect those who can resonate with them. - It's about fighting for equality in our workforce for women & minorities. - It's about rebuilding our natural treasure, the Chesapeake Bay. - But most of all, it's about making sure all of our levels of education are high quality, effective, and accessible for every single citizen! Tomorrow, Early Voting begins and I ask for your support and prayers as I aim to build A Better Tomorrow, Today!


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