Solutions, Not Suspensions

When I was a student within the school system, I was never suspended or expelled - nor was I sent to detention or given any other form of retribution. Unfortunately, I know that some students cannot say the same, and with recent federal data showing that students of color and/or disability are disproportionately targeted by suspensions, the practice of out-of-school suspensions drastically impacts the 7th District.


While I will not make excuses for a student’s misbehavior on school property, certain mistakes should not be dealt with the quick fix of out-of-school suspensions. Often times, certain offenses are merely reflections of a student’s circumstances, not characteristics. 

These circumstances need solutions, not suspensions. The priority is to keep students in the school house and not the jail house by not sending them back into the very same

environments that may be causing their mistakes.


As a Member of the Board of Education, I have the authority to hear suspension and expulsion appeals made by a student and/or their parent(s) or guardian(s). If a student commits a nonviolent, nonbullying, and/or nonsexual offense, s/he should not be removed from school. Instead, any student who commits a nonviolent, nonbullying, and/or nonsexual offense shall be required to complete community service and/or in-school counseling.


By Authority: Supporters of K. Alexander Wallace, Denise A. Wallace, Treasurer

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020