"From Cradle to College" Initiative



PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has begun to implement his administration's pre-kindergarden initiative throughout the county, with many programs already implemented in District 7. With the expansion of this plan, many of District 7's youngest students will be positively impacted by an accessible, affordable, and high quality early childhood education curriculum.


With an early childhood education that meets the State of Maryland's high academic standards, our children will start their academic life already equipped with the much needed social and academic skills it takes to be successful. It goes without saying that four year olds who enter Kindergarden with an 8,000 word vocabulary level will be much more successful than a four year old entering with a 5,000 word vocabulary level.


I support Dr. Kevin Maxwell's initiative to bring funding and accessability to a quality early childhood education for our most vulnerale students. When we show our dedication to education early in our childrens' lives, they will understand the importance of it.

By Authority: Supporters of K. Alexander Wallace, Denise A. Wallace, Treasurer

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Last Updated on: November 4th, 2020