Our state has been ranked #1 for several years in a row and that success will remain if we, as a state, begin to shift our focus to the most vulnerable citizens by starting them off on the right foot in their academic growth.

Having universal pre-kindergarten schooling for all Maryland children is imperative to have if we are to get serious about the continued success of our statewide education system. 


With statewide, voluntary, pre-kindergarten schooling, the achievement gap will shrink tremendously and, it is my belief, that the “race to the bottom” stigma that has plagued many of our minority citizens will eventually be lifted. This is particularly true in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.


Studies have shown that several million jobs go unfilled because our citizens, as a state and nation, are lacking skills in the STEM careers. Funding for more STEM educated teachers for both K-12 and

higher education schools is needed if

we want to grow our economy.

Senior Citizens

Working in Annapolis, I would receive call after call from my neighbors who lived on a retirement fixed income and, due to the rise in the cost of living, it was becoming increasingly hard to make ends meet every month. As saddening as that is, hardly anything has yet to be proposed to combat and resolve this issue and that is something

that I cannot stand for as a leader.


My plan is to establish homeowner property tax discount assistance programs and property tax postponement for individuals over the federal retirement age. This assures them that they do not have to worry about choosing whether to pay medical and heating bills or rent and groceries.


During economic hardship, our government should preserve their retirement funds and pensions. I am strongly against any efforts that intend to cut pension plans for senior citizens just to balance the budget. These individuals have earned their right to a good quality lifestyle after working to enhance our county and state economies; let us not cut away their sources of income and devalue their livelihoods.


Whether it is traveling to work and school or going out to shop and taking the kids to practice, we rely on good quality roadways to get us there. Unfortunately, our county has a severe pothole problem on many of our major state, county, and local roads. This can be fixed by fighting to bring home more state and local funding to address and repair many potholes that cause traffic congestion and accidents.


The National Harbor has been an ongoing project for Southern Prince George’s County and is said to bring in millions of revenue dollars to the county and state. This would result in an 

increase of funding for education, public safety, and infrastructure. However, if many residents cannot get to the National Harbor due to the lack of public transit, then we are falling short of our revenue goals. Let’s increase the Metro Bus services to the National Harbor and develop concrete plans to bring a Metro train station to the National Harbor, Prince George’s County's newest attraction.  


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By Authority: Supporters of K. Alexander Wallace, Denise A. Wallace, Treasurer

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2020